Breaking Through...
Helping our clients break through the clutter. That’s what we do.
From an idea, to a script, through production, then post and finally to the screen.

Audiences are bombarded with clutter.
We help you break through.

Bill Coons started Creative Dynamics Studio in 1999 after 15 years as a Partner at a loop-based production company. Although he started out in Medical Illustration, he turned to corporate communications early in his career. His deep science experience is helpful with our Pharma/Medical clients, but he brings over 20 years of experience working across every industry, from Telecom, to Finance to Trucking and all aspects of the Food Industry.

The Studio produces programming and new media for Corporations, PR and Marketing Agencies, Charities and Broadcast. We have shot everything and everywhere, from landfills, to board rooms. We've produced programming for every imaginable purpose; from drug launches to training high-end toy store cashiers.

The Studio currently occupies 2500 Sq. Ft. in downtown Elmhurst Illinois. The space supports three edit bays, a motion graphics bay, producer offices and a compact shooting space.